We live in a world that is becoming more and more skeptical, and rightly so. We are in the information age. With these amazing devices in our pockets we get consumed with advertisements, images, news and opinions almost every moment of the day. When was the last time you had 15 minutes of peace and quiet with no interruptions or distractions? Unless you are intentional about it, it is not happening.

I remember seeing old articles about how cigarettes were healthy for us. In an old magazine, I saw an advertisement where there was an image of a man in a white coat. He had a stethoscope around his neck with a caption saying, “My doctor smokes Camels.” The point I am trying to make is that if it can make money… health is often overlooked. Especially, if it is an addictive product. At times companies look at revenue over the health impact a particular product makes on the public. We are repeatedly told untruth’s over and over until we believe it.

If you look hard you can see this happening in many industries. The food industry is an easy target. Over the last 40 years more and more of the foods, we feed our families are made in a factory vs. grown naturally in a garden. Next time you go to the grocery store and pick up your favorite cereal look at the ingredients they put inside of the food you eat. Preservatives, fillers, colors, dyes. So many ingredients and chemicals so technical that I cannot even pronounce their names. Do the manufactures really care about your health? Or are they more concerned with profits? I dare say that this revenue-driven manufacturing industry is the bottom line and it is more important than the general public health.

The same truth translates to the anti-viral cleaning solution industry. We have to understand which product manufacturers respect the consumers it serves. The disinfectants being offered often have the same negative issues with toxins and other harmful ingredients.  But we see the advertisements on TV and the smiles behind the screen and it seems like it’s all fine. The reality is that a lot of those chemicals can cause serious long-term damage to our health. Especially, when we use it in locations serving children, the elderly, and the general public. Depending on where we are located and where we spend our time, we are constantly bombarded by toxins. the last thing we need is to introduce additional harmful agents to our current environments.

Biotech Spray Solutions only uses green environmentally friendly botanical products to treat and disinfect the surfaces in your home or office. If you are more of a DIY (Do It Yourself) kind of person you, our products are easy to use. You can get safe hospital-grade disinfecting products delivered directly to your door. Check out our consumer page at or if you would like more info and would like to get a quote you can call our office at 904-610-9955.

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